Stable Copper/Silver nanoparticle-based formulation for best disinfectant effect. Advanced green technology for efficient bactericidal, fungicidal & viricidal abilities. it can be used for indoor and outdoor disinfectants.
SKU: 500 ml
•It has been proven that Nanosilver or Nano copper in the form of colloidal particles can kill almost all types of bacteria and viruses (99.9%).
•Using Hydrogen Peroxide with Nano Silver, Nano Copper in colloidal form is making the solution stable and it is more effective than other chemical disinfectants.

Nano Silver 40ppm I Nano Copper 40 ppm I Hydrogen Peroxide 0.25% Additives: 2-3% I Distilled Water to QS


Indoor and Outdoor, Floors, Kitchen and Kitchen appliances, Home Appliances, Toilet areas, Pet areas, Furnitures, Curtains and Fabrics, Electronics items, Walls and Celling, Cars Interior and Exterior, Hospitals, Clinics, Operation theatre, Schools, Colleges, Malls, Cinema Halls etc.